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For Lyoto Machida, 'Karate Is the Main Focus of the Family'

The UFC is continuing its efforts to turn Lyoto Machida into a more marketable star in preparation for his UFC 98 fight with light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, and I think this video is particularly effective.

Machida has a style that some deride as boring, but learning more about how he came to use that style -- it comes from a form of karate that Machida's father brought with him from Japan when he moved to Brazil -- shows why it's such an important part of who Machida is, not just as an athlete but as a person.

Machida explains in the video that, "Karate is in my blood," and Machida's brother notes that karate is "the main focus of the family -- not only the competition, but the way of life."

And in what I thought was the most interesting statement in the video, Machida's father described his style of karate by saying, "I based everything on foot movement: Side to side, diagonal, back and forth."

Anyone who has watched him in the Octagon knows that Machida has tremendous footwork, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he uses that style in the toughest test of his career, against Evans next Saturday.