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Machida: I'd like to test myself against Brock Lesnar

Lyoto Machida's eyes are fully set on taking away the UFC light-heavyweight crown from Rashad Evans on May 23, but somewhere down the line, he'd like to entertain an even bigger challenge -- Brock Lesnar.

He's not looking to abandon his 205-pound weight class. Instead, he likes the idea of fighting Lesnar for the challenge.

"My focus, for sure, is on my division now, later is later," Machida recently told TATAME. "Maybe a fight against Brock Lesnar. He's a huge guy, showed himself [as someone who is] very aggressive and strong, who knows if one day we can fight. I respect him as a fighter, he's very strong, but I'm a professional and I'd like to test myself."

It's as far-fetched of a matchup as any, but it's certainly one interesting to discuss.

Machida (14-0) meets champion Evans (13-0-1) for the UFC light-heavyweight belt in the main event of UFC 98 on Saturday, May 23 in Las Vegas.