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Chris Wilson survives armed robbery in Brazil

Chris Wilson, who is scheduled to take on Brock Larson next week at UFC 98, was a victim of an armed robbery Wednesday in his home in Brazil, reports the Canadian Press.

"As I came into the apartment complex, a guy held me up at gunpoint and then he called his friends," Wilson told the Canadian Press. "And then a total of five people came up to the apartment. They were armed and my family was in the bathroom -- I've got two kids -- so it was just a terrible situation."

While the robbers were able to raid his home of valuables, luckily no harm was done to the 31-year-old and his family.

"Then they put everything in my car, made me take them somewhere," Wilson said. "It was just terrible. Wasn't sure if I was coming back from that one. But it all worked out."

Wilson, who was born in Portland, Oregon, has spent a significant portion of his life in Brazil, where he currently lives and trains out of. The Team Nogueira member's parents were Baptist missionaries in Brazil and Wilson later became an English teacher in Brazil for five years before turning to mixed martial arts. The mother of his children is a Brazilian.

Wilson is 1-2 in the UFC with a win over Steve Bruno and losses to Jon Fitch and John Howard.