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Forrest Griffin Tells Sarah Palin That Jesus Was a Liberal

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin has been reading the Bible lately, and he thinks Sarah Palin needs to re-read it.

Griffin talked to Steve Cofield of Cage Writer on his ESPN Radio 1100 show in Las Vegas:
"I was reading the Bible the other day," Griffin said. "I realized something: All these crazy, like, Palin people that talk about Jesus of Nazareth, yada, yada, yada -- Jesus hung out with, like, the lowest of the low. He hung out with like whores and derelicts. He really did. He was, like, the most liberal guy of his time. He, like, preached against the church and organized religion. All the bumper stickers and the bracelets and the people that talk about Jesus Christ, Jesus of Nazareth -- they think Christ is his last name, it's not, they're idiots -- they have this totally different view of him. He wasn't a white guy, you know? It just really amuses me. Jesus was a liberal. Jesus was like the original liberal."
Griffin seemed to realize that he was likely to offend people, but he didn't seem too concerned about that.

"I say whatever's on my mind, I don't really care," Griffin said. "I try not to make personal attacks on people -- unless they're deserving."