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Dana White Thinks Kenny Florian Should Run for President

Above, Kenny Florian appears on Good Day Philadelphia to promote his upcoming fight with BJ Penn at UFC 101. Anyone watching that video or any of Florian's other media appearances can see that he's just the kind of public face that the UFC likes to promote, but UFC President Dana White says he sees Florian doing more than just fighting.

"Kenny Florian might be the next president of the United States," White said in an interview on The Carmichael Dave Show. "We're out there working on sanctioning in Massachusetts and he's been out there talking to all the politicians with us. He's been helping us get this thing done. When i went for the Humanitarian Award in Washington, D.C., I brought Kenny Florian. Kenny's down there schmoozing with all the senators and congressman. People love Kenny Florian. Kenny's a very intelligent kid, he's a great fighter, he's one of the commentators on ESPN now, he's probably going to be doing more television work for us. Kenny Florian is a stud."

Penn is a popular fighter and currently a bigger draw than Florian, but I think White would be thrilled to see Florian as the UFC lightweight champion. All the qualities White lists make Florian just the kind of guy the UFC likes to put in front of the cameras, and when Florian is in front of the cameras, he delivers.