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UFC 98 Video: Sean Sherk Does a Crazy Workout to Prepare for Frank Edgar

Former UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk has always been known as a workout freak, and in the above video he goes through some amazing exercises to get himself ready for his fight with Frank Edgar at UFC 98. For anyone who's interested in either MMA or working out, it's incredible to see what Sherk puts himself through -- including cardio exercises while wearing a gas mask -- to prepare for his fights.

The problem I have with this is that it's a little difficult to glorify the workout program of a guy who's been busted for performance-enhancing drugs. Sherk was stripped of the lightweight title and suspended from MMA when he tested positive for steroids in 2007, and in his two fights since then the fans have booed him loudly. No one can dispute that Sherk is a tireless worker who's always in great shape, but that doesn't mean he prepares the right way.