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Norifumi 'KID' Yamamoto interview with DREAM

The official Dream website posted an interview on Tuesday with Norifumi "Kid" Yamamoto that was conducted on April 10.

Your opponent was announced. Fans are very interested in seeing you fight.

I'm very excited and cannot wait to fight, too. I'm very glad that many people are looking forward to seeing my fight. I'm not going to do anything stupid. I give my all and try to control the fight. My only concern is if I can adjust the 10 minutes first round rule. I used to fight the 5 minutes rounds, and I have to figure out the way to control my stamina. I will see what happens.

Many fans and critics considered the 1st round of the Featherweight Tournament boring. What did you think?
I enjoyed watching that event. I learned a lot about fighters in this tournament. I guess fighters watch fights from the different point of view?

What do you think about your opponent, Joe Warren? He defeated Chase Beebe in the 1st round.
I though he put strong pressure on his opponent, especially while grappling. His fighting style is a bit different with other fighters. His style is similar to my teammate who has Greco-Roman wrestling background. I wasn't impressed to see his striking skills; however, I have to be careful about his strong punches because he has an excellent athletic capability to learn new techniques quick.

Do you prefer fighting in the standing position?
Yes, but I wouldn't mind showing my ground techniques which I'm working on for a while.

How's your condition? You injured your right knee right before the fight with Joseph Benavidez at Dream.5.
My knee has not been fully recovered yet, but I'm fine if I am careful. I was very excited to fight at Dream.5 and trained extra hard for that fight, and I was injured during the training. I had my right knee operated on as well as my wrist. I broke my left wrist a week before my fight with Bibiano Fernandes at Hero's in Sep, 2007. I didn't think the wrist was broken at that time. The wrist got swollen badly and painful in a short while; however, I didn't go to see a doctor. In fact, it was painful to ware gloves when I fought Rani Yahya. When I was injured my knee, I asked the doctor to examine my wrist, and I found out it was broken. I learned that I should had seeing the doctor before.

So, do you want to be a champion?

Yes. I want to get a Dream belt. I want to display two championship belts DREAM and Hero's in my gym.