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Sengoku Wins Keep Hatsu Hioki, Marlon Sandro in MMA Top 10 Featherweights

Featherweights Hatsu Hioki and Marlon Sandro both looked impressive in winning fights early Saturday at the Sengoku 8 event in Japan, and as a result both remain in the list of the Top 10 featherweights in MMA. Hioki needed just 3:09 to submit Ronnie Mann, while Sandro needed just 19 seconds to knock out Nick Denis. The full Top 10 list is below.

1. Mike Brown
2. Urijah Faber
3. Kid Yamamoto
4. Wagnney Fabiano
5. Hatsu Hioki
6. Jose Aldo
7. Marlon Sandro
8. Leonard Garcia
9. Rafael Assuncao
10. Yuji Hoshino