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Sengoku 8 Pre-Fight Quotes

Quotes from the Sengoku 8 pre-fight press conference:

Hatsu Hioki: "My condition is good. I saw Ronnie Ushiwaka's fight videos. I think he is a well balanced and experienced fighter. He knows how to control the fight. I think this fight will be tougher than the last fight; however, I'm sure I can win if I relax and give my best. I heard he wanted to fight in the standing, but I don't care how he wants to fight. I keep fighting in my style."

Ronnie Ushiwaka: "Hatsu Hioki is definitely one of the strongest fighters in this tournament. I hope he has guts to fight in the standing with me because fighting on the ground is boring for fans. I trained a lot and can respond to any situation, but I prefer to fight in the standing."

Marlon Sandro: "I'm glad to know that many people now consider me to win this tournament. I still have many techniques up my sleeve, and I want to show something new in my next fight."

Nick Denis: "I haven't had any special training for my next fight. I watched my opponent's fight videos and worked on a strategic plan. It was easier for me to make the plan because he fought the full round in many fights. I saw his video, yet I didn't see dreams about him and this fight. Instead, I saw dreams I won by TKO in the 2nd round. In my dreams, he received 2 yellow cards, and my dad celebrated my victory. After graduating from Otawa University, I'm going to be a full-time fighter. I know my opponent, Marlon Sandro, is considered to win the tournament now. If I win this fight, I will have a chance to win this tournament."