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Fedor vs. Aoki video to be available on May 4

Footage of the exhibition match between WAMMA heavyweight champ Fedor Emelianenko and WAMMA lightweight champ Shinya Aoki will be made available on Monday, May 4.

The five-minute sparring match happened today, April 29 during the M-1 Challenge event at the Differ Ariake in Japan, but the only way to watch it was live in person.

In the match, with both fighters wearing Sambo jackets, Fedor tapped Aoki with an achilles lock. From M-1 Global:

[blockquote] The Japanese crowd displayed even more emotion during Fedor and Aoki's public sparring session, which was advertised locally as a "special super exhibition." With no scoring in effect, the encounter between the two undisputed world champions resembled a training session that you might see inside of a fight gym. The only difference was that nearly 1,000 spectators were on hand to watch the two square off while donning Gis.

Fedor utilized his strength advantage to send Aoki soaring with several Sambo throws. At one point, Aoki played to the crowd and removed his Gi in jest and attempted a flying armbar on Fedor. With both fighters pressing each other well less than 100 percent, the two smiled for much of the session and embraced after the final bell had sounded. [/blockquote]

Sportsnavi has pictures.

The event itself was streamed online around the world but was blacked out in the US due to M-1 Global's existing deal with HDNet. M-1 Global said the decision to also black out the Fedor vs. Aoki match from the stream was to allow everyone to view the match at the same time.

Beginning on May 4, the Fedor vs. Aoki match will be viewable for free on and