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"DEEP M-1 CHALLENGE 3rd EDITION in JAPAN" press conference

M-1 Global and DEEP held a press conference of M-1 Global "DEEP M-1 CHALLENGE 3rd EDITION in JAPAN" in Tokyo on Tuesday. Fedor Emelianenko and Shinya Aoki who fought in the exhibition also attended.

DREAM Event Producer Keiichi Sasahara said that Fedor chose Aoki for his opponent when FEG asked him to perform in the exhibition. "I picked him because I considered that he was one of the top MMA fighters. I'm going to show a very entertaining fight tomorrow" said Fedor. Aoki said, "I'm flattered to hear what Fedor thinks about me. I'm looking forward to facing Fedor, who has a spectacular aura of being an invincible, tomorrow even though our fight is an exhibition. I want to keep in touch with him after the fight and get an opportunity to see his training." When Fedor told the possibility of exchanging punches in the fight, Aoki responded "I don't want to lose my life yet. I would do anything but that."

Date: April 29 16:00~
Place Differ Ariake, Tokyo

- France vs Spain -
1. Makhtar Gueye vs Jose Luiz Aguirre
2. Gale Grimaud vs Jose Beltran
3. Christophe Dafreville vs Rayco Silva
4. Christian Mpumbu vs Enoc Solves
5. Soufian Elgarne vs Rogent Lloret

- USA West vs Korea -
6. David Jansen vs Nam Yui Chul
7. Fabio Negao vs Bae Myungho
8. Giva Santana vs Heo Minsuk
9. Raphael Davis vs Kim Jaeyoung
10.Shane De Rosario vs Lee Doo Hee

- Super Fight -
11.Kazuhiro Hamanaka vs Karl "Psycho" Amoussou
12.Fedor Emelianenko vs Shinya Aoki

- Japan vs United Kingdom -
13.Luiz Andrada vs Ian Butlin
14.Hidehiko Hasegawa vs Simon Phillips
15.Yusuke Masuda vs Matt Thorpe
16.Tatsuya Mizuno vs Tom Blackledge
17.Yusuke Kawaguchi vs Rob Broughton