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Kyle Maynard internet PPV draws around 100 buys

The Kyle Maynard internet pay-per-view "Auburn Fight Night" on Saturday drew only about 100 buys, reports

Maynard, a 2004 ESPN Athlete of the Year winner for Best Athlete with a Disability, drew widespread attention for his amateur debut but the curiosity of how a congenital amputee would fare in a mixed martial arts bout was not enough for many to throw down $14.95 for the stream at

"It wasn't many," promoter David Oblas told "The pay-per-view was more about people wanting to see it than actually making money. Because we didn't have Internet access, I had to bring in a satellite truck. It was kind of a pain to do it all. We expected a couple thousand, we were shocked it only drew about 100."

The estimated attendance was 1,200 at the Auburn Covered Arena in Alabama.