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UFC 100: Thiago Alves: I'm Going to Win Georges St. Pierre's Belt, for Sure

As Thiago Alves prepares to fight Georges St Pierre for the welterweight championship of the world at UFC 100, he says he's feeling confident and prepared, thanks in large part to training with one of his idols, Wanderlei Silva.

In the above video, made at Silva's Las Vegas gym, Alves talks about training with Silva and about how Silva's killer instinct is rubbing off on him.

"I'm a big, big fan of Wanderlei's since I was growing up, becoming a fighter," Alves says. "He's my idol."

And then Alves sounds like Silva in discussing what he wants to do to St. Pierre.

"I'm going to get this belt, man. I'm bringing this belt home, for sure," Alves says. "I just want to kill the guy and run through him -- not kill, but I just want to go through him and bring the pain. That's the mentality, Wanderlei style."