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Matt Hamill: Brandon Vera Will See a New Weapon at UFC 102

The best mixed martial artists are the ones who are constantly developing new skills, and Matt Hamill showed that off in a big way in his last fight: Hamill, primarily known as a wrestler before, knocked out Mark Munoz with a devastating kick to the head in their fight at UFC 96 in March.

Now Hamill is preparing for a fight with Brandon Vera at UFC 102 in August, and he says Vera had better be ready for another new weapon. Video below.

"I have a lot of things to add," Hamill says. "I add more moves every time I fight. Every time I fight, there will always be a new move, so at UFC 102 against Brandon Vera, I'll have a new weapon that no one has seen. The old Matt Hamill is not the new one. I can do things that are not expected."