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Anderson Silva answers criticism

UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva is defending his UFC 97 performance by saying that he took the low risk approach

Silva tells, "Every day we get older, the reflex is no longer the same... Fight with a kid like Thales and try to do things that might put me at risk wouldn't be good for my career. One way or another he fought well, came well prepared, but I would have a lot to risk. I'm not risking something that took a long time for me to win.

"I think the fans are talking, criticizing... Each one has their own opinion, I have to respect their opinion, after all they are always there applauding, but I'm happy, I was able to do my job well."

"Unfortunately, you can't always do what people want," Silva said. "I try to fight and don't get hurt and this is workingover all these years. Sometimes I can fight faster, sometimes not, showing superiority is better for me, for my career and the athletes who fight with me. Even because Thales is a dangerous athlete and I couldn't risk something more."