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'Never Surrender' producer explains GSP dubbing

It won't take the biggest Georges St-Pierre fan to notice that the UFC champ's familiar voice is dubbed in the upcoming "Never Surrender" straight-to-DVD movie.

But it's not St-Pierre's accent that led to the dubbing, says the film's executive producer.

"Regretfully, there was not enough care and time devoted to the shooting of Georges's scenes in 'Never Surrender,'" Stan Wertlieb said. "When in the process of post production we realized there were sound problems with Georges's scenes that needed correction."

Wertlieb added, "Not his fault, but that of the production team for not having dealt with this on the spot."

The film also features BJ Penn, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Heath Herring and Anderson Silva.

St-Pierre vs. Fabiano Iha: