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Dana White's UFC 97 Video Blog: Fight Night

Backstage with UFC president Dana White on the night of Saturday's UFC 97 "Redemption" fights in Montreal.

White in the first video meets with Strikeforce middleweight champ Cung Le, who was there to promote the "Fighting" movie. Le doesn't seem too certain about continuing to fight competitively.

In the second video, White turns to the cameraman during the Anderson Silva-Thales Leites fight and apologizes for promoting that fight.

"I've never ever in the history of the UFC been embarrassed by a fight that we put on," White said. "I'm embarrassed by this fight, and I apologize to every fan out there who spent Saturday watching us but at least you had the Liddell-Rua fight which was a gun-slinging -- they both went out there and gave you your money's worth. Thank god."