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UFC 97 Video: Shogun Rua-Chuck Liddell: Final Fight for the Iceman?

The UFC is portraying the UFC 97 fight between Chuck Liddell and Mauricio "Shogun" Rua as, potentially, the final fight for The Iceman in the UFC.

"Chuck Liddell is the biggest superstar in mixed martial arts," UFC President Dana White says. "This Saturday might be the last time he ever fights. If you're a Chuck Liddell fan, Saturday is a big night. If he loses this fight, or doesn't really shine, doesn't look amazing in this fight. Saturday night will be the last time you ever see Chuck Liddell fight."

Says Liddell, "I want to show Dana I'm ready to fight still, and I think knocking a guy out is going to be enough to get me another fight in the UFC."

I do not think this will be Liddell's last fight, but it's certainly an element that makes the fight a big one, and an easy way for the UFC to hype the fight.

We'll be live blogging Liddell-Rua and all the UFC 97 fights here at FanHouse.