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UFC 97 'Redemption' Live Play-By-Play Results

Thanks for joining us for live results of the UFC 97 "Redemption" pay-per-view from the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Undercard Results


Fight #1 - Steve Cantwell (205) vs. Luiz Cane (206)

R1: Cantwell taps a light leg kick. They each jab. Cantwell comes in with a stronger leg kick. Cane works in punch combos. Cantwell's high kick is blocked. Cane approaches Cantwell with jabs and then working punch combos. The uppercuts he finishes with are landing. Cantwell moves in for the clinch. Cane breaks away and unleashes punches. Cane continues to stalk Cantwell and goes in with a flurry, this time adding a knee. Cantwell with a combo of his own but Cane avoids. Cane slows down on the rate of his attacks and Cantwell puts together combos of his own, but they don't land. Cane with another combo, and lands a left to the body. They continue to box with the strikes mostly blocked. Cane was the better striker. 10-9 for Cane.

R2: Cantwell gets through with punches, but Cane's answers back and connects on fast jabs. Cane misses on the uppercut combo. Cantwell counters but they're not landing as Cane continues to stalk Cantwell with punches. Cantwell connects to the body and leg in a combo. Cantwell lands a cross. Cantwell lands a high leg kick. Cantwell is turning it up. Cane jabs forward. Cantwell with a punch combo. Cane throws a leg kick. Cantwell slaps a high leg kick. Cantwell lands a nice right. Cantwell connects on a left. Cantwell wins this one with more aggressive striking. He got through with rights and head kicks.

R3: Cane unleashes with a flurry and keeps moving forward with punches. Cane landing some nice punches. Cantwell again goes with punches that ends with head kick, but the strikes are blocked. Cane lands a knee to the body. Cane gets in with another knee to the body. Cane with punches that are blocked. Cantwell lands punches and Cane thinks about the takedown. Cane with a kick to the body. Cantwell lands a leg kick. Cantwell fires two head kicks that are blocked. Cane gets through with jabs and follows up with heavy punches. Cantwell tries a right kick to the head but it's blocked. A few boxing exchanges to end the round. 10-9 for Cane. Neither fighter was close to being finished but Cantwell looked a little more battered, carrying a bloody nose.

The judges score the fight 29-28, 30-27, 30-27... for Cane.

Cane wins via unanimous decision

Yoshihiro Akiyama is in attendance. He will make his Octagon debut against Alan Belcher on July 11 at UFC 100.

The UFC is running short on time. No post-fight interview for Cane.

Fight #2 - Cheick Kongo (232) vs. Antoni Hardonk (249)

R1: Kongo with an inside leg kick. Hardonk also with kicks. They trade punches. Kongo lands an inside leg kick. Hardonk with a leg kick. They clinch with Kongo pressing Hardonk against the cage. The referee separates them. Kongo catches a leg kick and puts Hardonk down. Hardonk is on his back until the referee lets him up. Hardonk connects on a leg kick and so does Kongo. Kongo with hard rights and an uppercut. They clinch and Kongo reaches for the takedown. Kongo with knees to Hardonk's thigh. Kongo gets the fight to the ground with a minute left. Hardonk is doing well defending, but Kongo still scores with punches. 10-9 for Kongo.

R2: Hardonk with a leg kick and Kongo catches it to immediately put Hardonk down. Kongo works ground and pound from Hardonk's closed guard. Hardonk is bloodied. Kongo with hammerfists, elbows and punches. Hardonk is in trouble. Kongo steps to Hardonk's side and adds hammerfists to seal the deal.

Kongo wins via TKO - R2 (2:29)

No post-fight interview for Kongo either.

Fight #3 - Krzysztof Soszynski (204) vs. Brian Stann (206)

R1: Soszynski enters with punches and they clinch. They separate and Soszynski goes for leg kicks. Stann lands inside leg kick. They clinch. Stann breaks free with an overhand right. Soszynski drives through with the takedown, bumping Stann against the cage and then the mat. Soszynski shortly claims full mount. Stann attempts a leglock but Soszynski escapes and takes side mount. Stann gets up and Soszynski slams Stann back down. Soszynski attempts the kimura from halfguard. Soszynski lets go and tries again from side control. Stann taps.

Soszynski wins via submission (kimura) - R1 (3:53)

Soszynski gets interviewed by Joe Rogan. Soszynski yells in excitement and compares the feeling of winning tonight to his son being born and getting married.

Fight #4 - Chuck Liddell (206) vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua (206)

R1: Liddell misses a leg kick. Rua lands a leg kick. Rua's head kick is blocked. Liddell with twos jabs and a straight. Rua with a leg kick. Rua connects with an overhand. Liddell answers back with a right. Rua dodges a combo. Liddel lands a jab. Rua answers back. Ra has a small cut on the right side of his forehead. Rua lands another overhand right. Liddell comes forward but misses. Rua lands another leg kick. Liddell isn't checking leg kicks. Rua with a shot to the body and takes Lidell down. As they stand up, Rua has Liddell's back. Rua drops for the leglock. Liddell escapes. They clinch. Liddell exits with an elbow that's blocked. Liddell throws heavy but Rua's covering up. Rua goes for the takedown but this time doesn't get it. Great fight so far. Liddell takes Rua down and gets up. Rua knocks down Liddell with a left hook. Rua follows up with hammerfists. Liddell is trying to get up but he's not defending. The fight is stopped. Rua looked great in this fight.

Rua wins via TKO (punches) - R1 (4:28)

Rua is happy that he defeated a legend. Rua tells Rogan and the crowd that he's never picked opponents before and he'll leave that to the UFC.

Liddell gets a nice ovation from the crowd. Liddell says he's disappointed. He felt he was in great shape and had a great camp. Liddell says he'll have to go home and think about his future. "It didn't feel right today," Liddell said.

Fight #5 - Matt Wiman (155) vs. Sam Stout (155)

This fight was scheduled for the prelims but the UFC was running late.

R1: They go right at it. Wiman clinches but Stout gets away with a knee. Wiman finishes the takedown 30 seconds in. Stout tries to get up but Wiman is aggressively holding him down. Moved close to the cage, Stout tries to stand up but he's put down with authority. Stout tries again and gets up. Wiman lands leg kicks. Wiman lands an overhand right. Stout ducks a right and lands a jab. Wiman lands a punch and goes for the takedown. Wiman goes for the guillotine and pulls guard to finish but he loses the submission. Stout lands punches on Wiman's way up. Wiman goes for the Superman punch. Wiman shoots and Stout stuffs it, connects with a knee to the body and escapes. Wiman works for the single-leg and gets it. Wiman tries to take back control but Stout gets the fight down in halfguard. Wiman looks for a triangle and Stout gets out. Good scrap. Close round. Wiman with the slight edge.

R2: Both guys are relentless with attacks. Stout catches a flying knee. Stout lands a kick to the body. Stout chops at Wiman's leg. Wiman rushes in. Wiman hops on Stout's back. Stout turns into Wiman's closed guard. Stout drops punches and elbows. wiman teases a leglock/sweep and Stout stands up. Wiman lands to the body, and then a leg kick. Wiman lands a left hook. Stout connects with a kick to the midsection. Stout drops Wiman with a punch to the body. Stout stands on top of Wiman to finish with punches. Wiman goes for the armbar but Stout escapes. Stout walks away to avoid the ground fight. Stout lands a strong punch to the body. There is a minute left. Wiman appears hurt as he keeps looking at the time. Wiman goes for the takedown. Stout lands a nice right. Stout chops Wiman with a leg kick. 10-9 for Stout.

R3: Wiman has slowed and he's looking for the takedown. He misses his first attempt and his second. Wiman holds onto a leg. Wiman puts Stout down at 3:55. Stout turns around and Wiman takes his back. Wiman works for the rear-naked choke. Wiman has the body triangle. Wiman lands punches before Stout turns into him. Stout with hammerfists and lands an elbow. Stout gets up. Stout with a punch combo but a leg gets caught and he's taken down. Stout moves to butterfly guard. Wiman lands elbows as he tries to pass. Stout is cut. Stout tries to stand. Wiman puts Stout back down. Wiman lands punchces. Wiman with head movement to avoid punches. Bell sounds. Wiman probably stole the fight at the end of the third round. 10-9 for Wiman. scores the fight 29-28 for Wiman.

The judges score it...29-28 three times for Stout.

Stout wins via unanimous decision

Cung Le, the Strikeforce middleweight champion, is on TV with Mike Goldberg!

... being interviewed for the new "Fighting" movie.

Fight #6 - Anderson Silva (182) vs. Thales Leites (185)

R1: It's on! They're patient to start. Silva stalks his opponent with his hands low. Over a minute in and not a single strike thrown. Silva throws a jab at 3:50. Leites misses a knee. Silva comes in with a jab and Leites backs away. Silva stalks. Silva throws a punch and a front kick but Leites doesn't want anything to do with Silva. Leites lands a leg kick and goes for the takedown, but gives up on it. Leites swings a head kick and Silva smiles. Leites fighting a very defensive game, and you can't blame him. Silva sweeps Leites wiht a leg kick.Leites stays on his back until the ref calls him up. Leites pulls halfguard. Silva escapes and lands a punch. Leites drives for a takedown and they end in clinch for the remainder of the round. 10-9 for Silva.

R2: Leites lands an inside leg kick. Silva throws a kick and misses. Leites gets the takedown and is in halfguard. Leites looks to get his left leg out for side mount. Silva uses the lockdown and successfully works for closed guard. Leites stands and looks to pass. Silva stands up as Leites immediately looks for a takedown. Leites falls to his back to lure Silva down, but Silva doesn't follow. The referee stands up Leites. More stalking from Silva. Silva throws and Leites circles away. Leites throws a high kick that doesn't land. Silva's high kick is blocked. Silva lands a leg kick. Maybe a draw? Hard to score, but Silva's punches here and there might be enough to win the round over Leites' takedown.

R3:Leites lands a leg kick but it's caught. Leites goes for takedown and pulls guard. Silva lands leg kick. Back up. Leites receives an eye poke but the referee doesn't notice. Silva works leg kicks as Leites lays on his back. The ref stands Leites up. Leites shoots and tries to pull guard again. Silva lands a leg kick and the fight is stood up. Silva lands a leg kick and Leites responds with an inside leg kick. For some reason, the crowd is chanting "Georges St-Pierre." Silva lands a leg kick. Silva checks a leg kick. Leites falls to his back in a desperate effort to bring the fight down. Silva is frustrated. Leites reaches out for a glove touch and Silva complies. Silva lands a kick to the body. Leites with a two-punch combo that's blocked. Leites again drops to his back and Silva walks away with his arms out. Silva with a switch kick. Silva now unloads as the crowd roars. Silva peppering with punches and a leg kick. Leites drops down and he's stood up. Silva with a leg kick. Leites falls to his back again. The crowd boos. 10-9 for Silva.

R4: Silva is the fresher of the two. Silva hurts Leites with side kicks to the leg. Silva chops at Leites with more leg kicks. Leites throws a right and misses. Silva lands a leg kick. Silva begins to shimmy and continues to kick at Leites' front leg. Silva lands a right. Silva's head kick is blocked. Silva jabs at Leites' lead leg. Another side kick to the leg. Both jab at the same time. Leites shoots and falls back. Silva crouches over waiting for Leites to get up. Silva continues to chop at Leites' lead leg. Silva is in no danger. Leites shoots and falls back. This time Silva entertains the idea but eventually walks away after a leg kick. The bell sounds and the crowd boos. 10-8 for Silva. Silva looks like he's sparring with a friend, in that he's dominating but he's not pressuring Leites.

R5: First fifth round UFC fight for Silva. Silva comes out energized. Leites misses a straight right. He misses a knee. Silva lands a leg kick. Leites with punches that miss. Leites shoots and tries a leg lock. Silva pulls his leg out. Leites goes for another takedown. He pulls back but Silva gets on top and lands punches. Leites bleeds. He's stood back up. Silva lands a side kick. Leites falls back and Silva enters with punches, and walks away. The crowd is chanting "bs." Leites goes for the takedown and falls to his back. The crowd is entertaining themselves with "GSP" chants. Leites shoots and flops. Silva with punch to the leg. Silva lands a leg kick. Silva catches a leg kick. Leites drops to his back. There's a minute left in the fight. Leites throws an overhand and Silva dodges it. Leites is on his butt with 20 seconds left. He's stood up. Leites swings with a right and misses. The bell sounds. 10-9 for Silva.

Silva wins for sure, but the crowd is silent.

Wow, what a weird fight, and the scores reflect that: Judges score the fight 49-46, 48-47, 50-46 for Silva.

Silva wins via unanimous decision