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Bobby Lashley Likely to Fight in May for Maximum Fighting Championship

Former WWE star Bobby Lashley is expected to have his third professional MMA fight on May 15 in the main event of the Maximum Fighting Championship event in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The news that Lashley is likely to appear was first reported by HDNet's Inside MMA. HDNet has a contract with Maximum Fighting Championship and will televise the May 15 event, MFC 21, and Lashley would instantly become the MFC's most famous fighter and a good draw for HDNet.

The question, however, is whether Lashley is actually any good at MMA. He's 2-0, but his first win came against a guy with no experience at all, and his second win was an unimpressive decision victory over Jason Guida. Lashley has a lot to prove.

But while he has a lot to prove as a fighter, there's no question that he's a good athlete who has name recognition, and that alone is enough to have promotions interested in him. There has been talk that Lashley could sign with Strikeforce (Lashley vs. Kimbo Slice would be a possibility), or even that Lashley could appear on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. But for now it's looking like Maximum Fighting Championships.