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UFC eyes France, Toronto, New York, Boston

The UFC is making plans for debuts in Toronto, France, New York and Boston.

"I'm pretty confident that we're going to do an event in Boston, Massachusetts at the Boston Garden in November," said White at the UFC 97 pre-fight press conference on Thursday. "Then first of the year New York, and I'm hoping we have Toronto done before New York."

First off though, mixed martial arts will need to be regulated in Massachusetts, New York and Toronto.

White says the UFC is continuing to bring shows to different states and countries to grow mixed martial arts awareness in new markets.

The UFC already has a debut scheduled for Germany on June 13 with UFC 99 "The Comeback" at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne. The next European destination could be France.

"We're coming to France, there's no doubt about it," White said. "We've been working very hard on France. We're in Germany right now and France is next."

Helping with the UFC's efforts for France is the success of UFC programming on the French-language channel RTL9.

"The television deal we did there," White said of the agreement announced in February. "It's doing very well on TV."