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Dana White: Chuck Liddell will retire if he loses

Chuck Liddell could be stepping foot inside the Octagon for the last time at UFC 97, says UFC president Dana White.

"Yeah, if he loses, he will retire," White boldly stated Thursday on TSN's "Off The Record" in Canada.

That's only White's position though, as Liddell has already said he plans to keep fighting.

White believes Liddell has already cemented his legacy and has nothing left to prove.

"He's one of my best friends, I love him as a person," said White. "He's accomplished everything there is to accomplish. What else is there for him? The most famous mixed martial artist in the world. Made more money than God, has a ton of money, and was a world champion."

White says Liddell will always be with the UFC but refuses having to witness Liddell revisiting anything resembling the knockout loss to Rashad Evans last September at UFC 88.

"The bottom line is [that] I don't want to see him get hurt," White said.