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UFC 97 Video Blog: Dana White Is Back

UFC President Dana White is back with what has to be the strangest of his video blogs to date, this one not featuring a single word spoken by White.

Instead of seeing and hearing from White, the new YouTube consists of audio from the radio personality Carmichael Dave, who says on the air that he had spoken to White and that White had decided to stop doing video blogs as a result of the dust-up over White's comments on his last video blog.

While we hear Carmichael Dave, we're taken on a drive through Las Vegas, and then at the end we see White, with tape over his mouth, holding up a sign reading, "HEY EVERYBODY MY BLOG IS BACK." White is holding up the sign at the airport, where he's on his way to Montreal for UFC 97.

I really have no idea what to think, but I guess we'll be seeing another video blog on Wednesday that fills us in on what White has been up to.