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UFC 94 replay beats live Strikeforce, HBO boxing

The cable premiere of UFC 94 "St-Pierre vs Penn 2" on Saturday, April 11 was the number one program among Men 18-34 at 9:00pm-12:00pm ET, the UFC announced today.

The replay beats two live events that happened the same time, Strikeforce "Shamrock vs Diaz" on Showtime and "World Championship Boxing: Winky Wright vs Paul Williams" on HBO. While Spike TV is available to more viewers, it's still interesting to note a replay of an event from January drew higher ratings than two live shows. Also, the UFC chose to brag about higher ratings over boxing but not Strikeforce, most likely to avoid giving free publicity to a competitor.

The UFC 94 replay was also the highest-rated program among Men 18-49 for the entire day. The three-hour program peaked with 2.4 million viewers and averaged 1.9 million. The HBO boxing fight drew 1.5 million viewers, according to the UFC.