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Tito Ortiz Talks Strikeforce, UFC

Tito Ortiz took in Saturday night's Strikeforce MMA show in San Jose, and afterward he said it's possible he'll fight for Strikeforce this year -- and that it's highly unlikely he'll fight for UFC.

Asked by Ariel Helwani if he'll fight again, Ortiz said, "One hundred percent. I want to fight twice this year. ... Hopefully by August."

But will it be in Strikeforce's cage or UFC's Octagon? Ortiz said the former is much more likely than the latter.

"Highly doubtful a UFC cage," Ortiz said. "Unless Dana loses his job, that's probably the only chance that may happen. The way he's talking lately, he'll maybe lose his job very soon."

UFC President Dana White is not going to lose his job any time soon, so that pretty much rules out the UFC. I think it will be later than August before we see Ortiz again, but I do think Strikeforce is his most likely destination.