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Strikeforce Suffers Big Loss, Cris Cyborg vs. Hitomi Akano Is Off

UPDATE: The fight is back on.

Cristianie "Cris Cyborg" Santos's fight with Hitomi Akano on Saturday night's Strikeforce card, was supposed to position Cyborg as the opponent to Gina Carano in the biggest women's MMA fight ever. Instead it has positioned Cyborg as a fighter too unprofessional to make weight for her fights.

Cyborg weighed in at 152 pounds Friday, a whopping seven pounds over the contracted weight of 145. As a result, is reporting, the fight has been canceled.

Akano apparently decided that she simply wasn't going to risk her health by fighting a significantly larger opponent, and good for her. It's ridiculous that Strikeforce and Cyborg put her in this position in the first place, and she absolutely should not have to fight an opponent who belongs in a higher weight class. Amazingly, Strikeforce initially conceived this fight as being at 140 pounds, a weight Cyborg would have absolutely no prayer of making.

Whether this also hinders a future fight with Carano is not clear, but what is clear is that both Strikeforce and Cyborg come out of this looking terrible.