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Former WWE champ to enter MMA broadcasting

Former WWE pro wrestling champ John "Bradshaw" Layfield, also referred to as "JBL," will serve as the host on the Vyper Fight League broadcast team.

The Vyper Fight League is a new MMA promotion from longtime pro wrestling promoter Danny Davis. Davis is the owner and founder of Ohio Valley Wrestling, which previously was the official development program for the WWE.

The inaugural event, "Enter the Vyper's Pit," will take place Friday, April 24 in Louisville, Kentucky and future events will happen on a Friday night on a monthly basis. All events will be taped for future television broadcast.

Layfield is investing in the VPL promotion as a sponsor with his nutrition company, Layfield Energy.

Layfield lost the WWE intercontinental title to Rey Mysterio Jr. last Sunday at Wrestlemania XXV. Layfield, 42, retired from professional wrestling the next day.