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Cris Cyborg Can't Make Weight, Fight With Hitomi Akano Could Be Off

Hitomi Akano Interview - Watch more Funny Videos

In what could be a major blow to Strikeforce, a women's bout scheduled for Saturday between Cristiane "Cris Cyborg" Santos and Hitomi Akano is on the verge of being scrapped after Cyborg couldn't even come close to making weight on Friday.

Akano (interviewed by Ariel Helwani above, before the weigh-in) is reportedly considering pulling out of the fight because of Cyborg's failure to make weight. Akano and Cyborg agreed to fight at 145 pounds, but while Akano held up her end of the deal, tipping the scales at 143.5, Cyborg weighed in at a ridiculous 152.

Cyborg then spent some time in the sauna and got back on the scales at 150.5, still far over the contracted weight. Now both Sherdog and Five Ounces of Pain are reporting that Akano may decline the fight. I have left both phone and e-mail messages for Strikeforce officials, and those messages have not been returned.

Whether the fight ultimately takes place or not, Strikeforce has some serious explaining to do for why it booked this fight at 145 pounds. Akano looks tiny at 143.5, while Cyborg has washboard abs at 152. These two fighters simply do not belong in the same weight class, and it's unfair to both of them to put them in the cage together. This is a mess, and while it's a mess that Cyborg deserves plenty of blame for, it's ultimately a mess that Strikeforce made.

UPDATE: Sherdog is reporting that the fight is off.

UPDATE 2: The fight is back on.