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Brock Lesnar: Would I Fight Fedor Emelianenko? Absolutely

Fedor Emelianenko / Brock Lesnar
There was once a time when the MMA fight that fans most dreamed of seeing was between Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko, but most fans have now made peace with the idea that Fedor vs. Randy will never happen.

But what about Fedor vs. Brock Lesnar? Lesnar, the UFC heavyweight champion, says he'd be up for it.

In an interview on HDNet's Inside MMA, Lesnar said that while he's been annoyed at times by questions about Fedor, he admires Fedor as a fighter and would love to get a shot at him in the Octagon.

"I have nothing against Fedor. He's a great fighter. Would I ever fight him some day? Absolutely, I would. I keep getting this question, 'You don't like Fedor?' No, I don't have nothing against the guy. There's just nothing to talk about until there's a fight between him and I, and he signs with this organization. Then we can talk."

The problem, of course, is that Fedor has shown no interest in signing with the UFC. So Fedor is probably going to keep fighting for Affliction as long as Affliction is in business, and Lesnar is going to keep fighting in the UFC. I don't think we'll ever see Fedor vs. Lesnar. I'd sure love to see Dana White make it happen, though.