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UFC 97 Video: Chuck Liddell-Shogun Rua

If you're not already excited about Chuck Liddell vs. Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 97, this video should do the trick.

In the two years since the UFC purchased Pride, I don't think I've ever seen them use highlights from the Pride video library better than they do it in that video. Rua fought 13 times in Pride, going 12-1 and winning nine fights by knockout or TKO, so he obviously has a ton of highlight-reel material. It's good to see the UFC putting that material to use.

And, of course, Liddell has had a whole lot of highlight-reel material over the course of his 27-fight career as well. If Liddell and Rua are at the top of their games, their fight on April 18 is going to be incredible. That video is a good reminder of how great Liddell and Rua have been.