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Urijah Faber Gaining Weight to Get Ready for Mike Brown at WEC 41

Before he fought Mike Brown in November, just about every MMA fan thought Urijah Faber was the best featherweight in the world, by far. But when Brown smashed Faber to take the featherweight title, all of a sudden there were questions about whether Faber was big enough or strong enough.

One person asking those questions was Faber himself. In Chicago this week at WEC 40, Faber talked about his upcoming rematch with Brown at WEC 41. And he said he has come to the realization that he needs to put on some muscle before he fights Brown again on June 7.

"When you lose, I don't necessarily feel that I need to revamp everything, but you always have to do something different, so I'm trying to put on a little bit of weight for this fight," Faber said. "It's no secret that I'm a little small for this weight class, so I'm actively trying to put on a little weight."

Faber said that aside from getting bigger and stronger, the most important part of his preparation for his second fight with Brown is simply making sure he doesn't do anything that opens himself to eating a hard right hand.

"I'm looking not to get caught this time," Faber said. "I made a mistake and I got caught."

But while Faber is putting all his energy into getting ready to beat Brown, if he loses, his best bet might be to get out of the 145-pound weight class. Faber said losing 10 pounds and fighting at bantamweight is a possibility.

"I was 133-pounder all through college and that's probably my natural fighting weight, but if it isn't broken, why fix it? I've been a champion at 145," Faber said, before adding of a potential superfight with bantamweight champ Miguel Torres, "I'd be down to go to 135. I've competed most of my life at that weight. I've gone up to 145 because there weren't many options at my weight. But if it's a fight people want to see I'd love to do it."

I think it's safe to say that Faber-Torres is a fight people want to see. If Faber loses again to Brown, I expect it to happen.