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MMA Top 10 Featherweights

Now is a great time to be a fan of small fighters. We just witnessed the best bantamweight card ever at WEC 40, and my list of the Top 10 featherweights in MMA features a whole lot of guys who either won over the weekend or are about to get big tests.

For starters, the top two, Mike Brown and Urijah Faber, will square off in June at WEC 41. And then we've got guys like No. 3 Kid Yamamoto, who will finally make his return at Dream 9 on May 26, No. 4 Wagnney Fabiano and No. 9 Rafael Assuncao, who both looked impressive at WEC 40, and No. 5 Hatsu Hioki and No. 7 Marlon Sandro, both of whom will be fighting at Sengoku 8 on May 2.

If you like seeing featherweights fight, this spring will be a great season for you.

Top 10 Featherweights in MMA
1. Mike Brown
2. Urijah Faber
3. Kid Yamamoto
4. Wagnney Fabiano
5. Hatsu Hioki
6. Jose Aldo
7. Marlon Sandro
8. Leonard Garcia
9. Rafael Assuncao
10. Yuji Hoshino