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Mike Brown: MMA Insiders Weren't Surprised I Beat Urijah Faber

When Mike Brown beat Urijah Faber to win the World Extreme Cagefighting title, it was one of the biggest MMA upsets of 2008. But Brown, who will fight Faber again on June 7, says people who really know MMA weren't surprised.

Brown told me at the WEC's event last weekend that the result of their first fight wasn't an upset to fighters, trainers and others in the MMA industry.

"People who didn't follow my career were surprised, but I think insiders knew and my peers knew," Brown said. "The casual fans didn't know. People who hadn't seen me fight again didn't know."

Brown later added, "I don't think Urijah underestimated me. He knew that I was a tough guy and I think he prepared well. I think some of the fans underestimated me, but it was just my night."

Brown, who needed just two and a half minutes to beat Faber when they fought in November, said he doesn't think he'll be able to rely on his punching power for a quick TKO win the way he did in the first fight.

"I think it will probably go a little longer," Brown said. "I think he'll probably try to take me down."

But Brown also said that he doesn't consider his punching power to be his greatest asset as a fighter, and that he'll be completely comfortable going to the ground if that's where Faber wants to take the fight.

"My best skill is my submission grappling," Brown said. "I think that's better than my right hand. That's where my true strength is."

Overall, Brown-Faber 2 at WEC 41 should be the biggest fight World Extreme Cagefighting has ever had. Brown says he's ready.

"I think more people will watch this fight than any other one in WEC history," Brown said. "He's a great fighter, I am too. And it's going to be a great battle."