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UFC 97 Video: Anderson Silva Says: 'I'm the Best at What I Do'

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has demurred in the past when asked whether he considers himself the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world. But in the above video hyping his fight with Thales Leites at UFC 97, Silva says that he does, in fact, view himself as the best fighter in MMA.

"I'm the best at what I do. That's what drives me," Silva said, before adding, "I don't think of myself as invincible. He has a chance to fight for the belt, and we're going to see what happens. ... It's going to be a great fight."

For his part, Leites said of Silva, "He's not unbeatable. He's a man like everyone else." We'll find out if Leites can be the first to beat Silva in the Octagon on April 18.