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March MMAdness Final: Brock Lesnar vs. Fedor Emelianenko

It's time to bring an end to March MMAdness, my cockamamie idea for what would happen if we could organize a 64-man openweight MMA tournament. When we last looked at March MMAdness, we had a Final Four of Anderson Silva vs. Brock Lesnar and Fedor Emelianenko vs. Frank Mir. Final results are below.

In the first semifinal, Brock Lesnar beat Anderson Silva with a brutal ground-and-pound TKO in the second round. In the first round Silva was able to use his superior stand-up skills and his range to keep Lesnar away with kicks, but in the second Lesnar secured a takedown, used the wrestling skills that made him NCAA heavyweight champion to mount Silva, and then ruthlessly struck him before the ref stepped in to stop the fight.

In the second semifinal, Frank Mir actually knocked Fedor Emelianenko down with a kick and tried to submit him with a heel hook in the first round, but Fedor escaped and proved to be too much for Mir in the second round, beating him by TKO.

And then in the final, it was Lesnar vs. Fedor. Lesnar eschewed touching gloves at the start of the fight, stormed Fedor, came in for the takedown and used his 50-pound weight advantage to overpower Fedor to the ground. Fedor appeared to be in serious trouble, but he pulled Lesnar into his guard and held on through the first round.

The second round was much the same, with Lesnar again taking Fedor down and appearing to have too much size and strength for the smaller man. But suddenly, as Lenar rained blows down on his fallen opponent, Fedor calmly but swiftly grabbed Lesnar's tree trunk-like arm and pulled him into an arm bar, forcing Lesnar to tap. And so ends March MMAdness, with Fedor reigning supreme.