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Jeff Monson Wins Again at Dream.8, With Roy Nelson in His Corner

Two weeks ago, Jeff Monson and Roy Nelson were fighting each other in Florida at the March Badness show. This weekend in Japan, Monson was fighting again -- and he had Nelson in his corner.

Monson defeated Nelson by unanimous decision at March Badness, and then this weekend at Dream.8 he defeated Sergei Kharitonov by first-round submission. If you watch the above video closely, you'll see that after Monson wins, he celebrates by going to his corner and hugging Nelson.

It's a little strange to have a guy in your corner a couple weeks after you fought him, but then again, Monson is a little strange. And when I interviewed Nelson prior to their fight, he told me he likes Monson, adding, "we've hung out together, gone out to eat together. Jeff's a good guy."

And if you're thinking that two weeks is an extremely short layoff between fights, you don't know the half of it. Believe it or not, this was actually the third consecutive weekend that Monson has fought. After beating Nelson on March 21, Monson went to Northern Ireland and submitted Sergei Maslobojev on March 29. And then he went to Japan and beat Kharitonov. Three weekends, three fights, three continents, three wins. Such is the life of Jeff Monson.