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WEC 40 Play-By-Play Results

Live results of WEC 40: Torres vs Mizugaki from the UIC Pavilion in Chicago.

Fight #1 - Jameel Massouh (146) vs. Raphael Assuncao (145.5)

R1: Assuncao opens the fight with a hard kick to the body. Massouh counters a right hook with a hard jab that drops Asuncao to the mat, but the Brazilian recovers quickly. Assuncao then drops Massouh with a right of his own and jumps into Massouh's guard. Massouh goes for a leglock, but Assuncao escapes back to his feet and scores a takedown. From the top, he stands and drops ground and pound, but Massouh defends well and manages to get back to his feet. The fighters exchange leg and body kicks. Assuncao starts to land with his hands and eventually sends Massouh to the mat with a hard right hook. He works for a guillotine on a defensive Massouh as time expires.

R2: Assuncao begins the second round aggressively, connecting with wild hooks. Massouh goes for a takedown, but Assuncao stuffs it and maintains top control. Massouh protects himself carefully and gets back to his feet. Assuncao lunges in and lands a hard right. Massouh slips from a head kick and Assuncao follows him to the ground. A short scramble closes out the round.

R3: Massouh stalks Assuncao around the cage, but Assuncao responds with heavy hooks. Massouh goes to the clinch, but Assuncao takes him down. Assuncao works from the top and passes to mount. Massouh scrambles out and ends up in Assuncao's guard. Another scramble results in Assuncao now in Massouh's guard. After spending most on the round engaged in a ground war, the fighters close out the fight with a quick exchange on the feet.

Raphael Assuncao def. Jameel Massouh via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Fight #2 - Ben Henderson (156) vs. Shane Roller (156)

R1: The fighters circle each other and exchange jabs before Roller floors Henderson with a straight and latches on a guillotine against the cage. Henderson survives the choke and works his way to his feet. Henderson lands a huge knee from the clinch and scores with a trip takedown. As Roller gets back to his feet, Henderson unloads with punches that drop him to his knees. Several unanswered punches force the referee to call a halt to the bout.

Ben Henderson def. Shane Roller via TKO (strikes) at 1:41 of the first round

Fight #3 - Joseph Benavidez (134) vs. Jeff Curran (135)

R1: The fighter feel each other out early, with Benavidez throwing leg and front kicks while Curran works the jab. Benavidez lunges with a knee and clinches then breaks away while delivering a hook. Curran connects a straight right on a jumping Benavidez, but Benavidez quickly responds with a right of his own before working into the clinch against the fence. Curran swings big and misses as they break away from the clinch then lands a short uppercut. Benavidez lands a left that drops Curran to his back and jumps into "Big Frog"'s guard. Benavidez spends the rest of the round chipping away at Curran with punches from the top and leg kicks.

R2: Benavidez comes out throwing hard leg kicks. After an exchange of punches, Curran slips to his back and Benavidezbegins employing strikes from the top. Curran smartly escapes back to his feet. Curran clinches and jumps to guard, quickly locking in an omaplata. Benavidez slips out and passes to side control. Curran works Benavidez back to guard and Benavidez drops strikes from the top as the round ends.

R3: Benavidez bounces in and out of range with strikes while Curran tries in vain to time his punches. Benavidez catches a kick and chops Curran's other leg out from under him, landing in guard. Curran works his way back to his feet and delivers a kne from the clinch. A spinning backfist from Curran whizzes just over Benavidez's head. Curran shoots for a double leg and puts his opponent on the mat, but Benavidez quickly gets to his feet and lands a takedown of his own. The pace slows as Curran stiffles much of Benavidez's top game. Curran works from his back and almost finishes the fight with a triangle, but Benavidez slips out as the round ends.

Joseph Benavidez def. Jeff Curran via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Fight #4 - Miguel Torres (135) vs. Takeya Mizugaki (135)

R1: Mizugaki opens with heavy punches that Torres easily evades. An exchange of punches against the cage sees both fighters landing, with Mizugaki landing the more powerful shots. Torres uses his speed and reach from the outside while Mizugaki keeps throwing bombs. A short clinch results in Mizugaki slamming Torres to the mat and backing away. Torres gets back to his feet and the fighters continue after each other. Torres lands a head kick and Mizugaki responds with a right. Torres goes back to the jab, but Mizugaki counters over it with his right. Mizugaki lands a knee from the clinch and Torres attempts to take the fight down, but both fighters roll to their feet. The frantically paced first round comes to a close.

R2: Mizugaki continues landing body shots and Torres responds with a punch flurry. Torres slips twice, but Mizugaki stays away from the ground each time. Torres preses in and lands a knee and in the clinch. Mizugaki breaks away and lands hard rights. Torres seems unfazed by Mizugaki's power. Mizugaki is beating Torres to the punch with his right. Torres beings punch combinations from the outside, landing a few straights before clinching against the cage. The fighters trade knees to the body from the clinch. The referee stops to bout to return Torres' mouthpiece. After the action restarts, Mizugaki continues landing the right and Torres continues finding success in the clinch.

R3: Mizugaki is showing excellent boxing and just misses with a powerful right hook. Torreskeeps his distance and throws shots of his won. The fighters go to the clinch and Torres lands knees to the body. They exchange flurries of strikes around the cage and the referee stops the fight to check on a cut above the right eyebrow of Torres. The referee restarts the bout and Torres steps up the pace. Mizugaki answers with short hooks between flurries of strikes from Torres. Torres goes back to the outside to utilize the jab while Mizugaki keeps his head moving as he tries to close the distance.

R4: Mizugaki presses forward with punch combos and Torres now looks for takedowns. Mizugaki sprawls out of the first one. A seconds ends with Torres pulling guard, but Mizugaki gets back to his feet. Torres works into the clinch and lands stiff elbows and knees. Torres continues landing strikes in the clinch as Mizugaki does his best to defend and responds with occasional strikes of his own. Both fighters keep landing strikes, with each seemingly ignoring the damage dealt by the other. The round ends with both fighters glaring at the other as they head back to their corners.

R5: Both fighters come out aggressively to start the final round. Torres jumps to guard then puts his feet back to the mat when Mizugaki doesn't follow. Instead, Mizugaki pushes the fight into the clinch, with Torres against the fence. Torres reverses position and unloads a flurry of punches that looks to wobble Mizugaki, but the Shooto veteran weathers the storm and regains his composure. Torres lands big elbows from the clinch until Mizugaki pushes him away. The combatants chase each other around the cage, trading punch combinations and knees from the clinch. The fight closes to a roar of cheers from the audience.

Miguel Torres def. Takeya Mizugaki by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) to retain the WEC Bantamweight championship


  1. Rafael Dias def. Mike Budnik via unanimous decision
  2. Akitoshi Tamura def. Manny Tapia via unanimous decision
  3. Rani Yahya def. Eddie Wineland via submission (RNC) - R1 (1:07)
  4. Wagnney Fabiano def. Fredson Paixao via unanimous decision
  5. Dominick Cruz vs. Ivan Lopez via unanimous decision
  6. Bart Palaszewski vs. Anthony Njokuani via TKO (strikes) - R2 (0:27)