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WEC 40: Torres, Mizugaki Make Weight; Mike Budnik Not Close

World Extreme Cagefighting bantamweight champion Miguel Torres and challenger Takeya Mizugaki both weighed in at the 135-pound limit for Sunday night's WEC 40 title fight, but not everyone on the undercard made the cut at a weigh-in where a handful of fighters needed to get completely naked with only towels shielding them from the crowd.

Mike Budnik was both the first to weigh in and the most over the limit, coming in at 149 pounds for his fight. His opponent, Rafael Diaz, weighed in at the featherweight limit of 145; the fight will go on at a catch weight of 149 pounds. Budnik took the fight on short notice last week and doesn't appear to be in great shape.

Every other fighter eventually made weight, although a few -- including Rani Yahya, Anthony Njokuani and Ben Henderson -- were over weight on the first attempt while wearing shorts and had to get totally naked before they made it. The WEC's ring card girls deserve special attention for their professionalism: Every time a fighter came in overweight on his first attempt, the girls immediately stepped forward and in front of the scale, knowing the fighters would want some privacy when they stripped down to nothing.

Full weigh-in results are at and below:

Miguel Torres (135) vs Takeya Mizugaki (135)

Joseph Benavidez (134) vs Jeff Curran (135)
Ben Henderson (156) vs Shane Roller (156)
Jameel Massouh (146) vs Raphael Assuncao (145.5)

Anthony Njokuani (156) vs Bart Palaszewski (155)
Ivan Lopez (134.5) vs Dominick Cruz (135)
Fredson Paixao (144) vs Wagnney Fabiano (146)
Rani Yahya (136) vs Eddie Wineland (135)
Akitoshi Tamura (135.5) vs Manny Tapia (135.5)
Rafael Dias (145) vs Mike Budnik (149)