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UFC 98 Video: Matt Serra on Matt Hughes, B.J. Penn, Georges St. Pierre

Matt Serra talks to The Garv about his UFC 98 fight with Matt Hughes, and he also gives some thoughts about the Greasegate controversy surrounding BJ Penn and Georges St Pierre.

Serra, who has had a longstanding war of words with Hughes, said that Hughes has improved his jiu jitsu skills but is basically just a wrestler.

"He's a one-trick pony, but he's very good at that one trick," Serra said.

As for Penn's accusations that St. Pierre was greasing when they fought, Serra said the bottom line is that St. Pierre's cornerman, Phil Nurse, was seen rubbing his hands on St. Pierre's body after rubbing grease on St. Pierre's face.

"This is such a weird topic," Serra said of the greasing. "B.J. Penn has legs to stand on in that case because the athletic commission caught him. You can think somebody's stealing from the cookie jar, but if you don't catch him you don't catch him. They caught him there. They caught him red-handed. The guy was doing it, whether it was breathing techniques or whatever. I like both guys, fought both guys, lost to both guys. ... Nobody caught him doing anything against me."