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Frank Mir: In Hindsight, I Could Have Fought Brock Lesnar at UFC 98

The upcoming UFC heavyweight title unification fight between Frank Mir and Brock Lesnar was pushed back from UFC 98 on May 23 to UFC 100 on July 11 to give Mir time to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery. But Mir now says that his recovery is going so well that he would have been ready to fight Lesnar at UFC 98 after all.

"The way my leg feels now, in hindsight I could have made May 23," Mir said Saturday at an appearance in Chicago to promote Sunday night's World Extreme Cagefighting event. "In fact, I'm on schedule to be in top shape at that time."

That will come as disappointing news to some UFC fans who had hoped to see Lesnar vs. Mir at UFC 98, but as it turned out, Lesnar vs. Mir is probably the perfect main event for UFC 100, which is being promoted as the biggest event in the history of mixed martial arts.

Mir didn't sound concerned about Lesnar, saying that while Lesnar is big and strong, he doesn't have great technique or punching power.

"Most of my partners who are 190 to 210 (pounds) actually hit harder," Mir said, adding that having Lesnar hit him in their first fight was "Kind of like having your baby sister on your back and all over you, and you're just saying, 'Get off me.'"

Mir doesn't think his title unification fight with Lesnar will crown the undisputed heavyweight champion of MMA. Mir said that while he believes WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres is the sport's best pound-for-pound fighter, he also considers Fedor Emelianenko – not himself – the sport's top heavyweight.

"Fedor's a great competitor," Mir said. "He's the best heavyweight."