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Dana White: 'I apologize for anybody that I've offended or hurt'

UFC president Dana White has issued his apology for comments made in his recent UFC Fight Night 18 video blog.

"So yesterday on my video blog, I obviously, I chose some words that offended and hurt some people," White said. "And anybody who knows me knows I would never, ever, maliciously attack anybody who wasn't attacking me.

"And as far as the gay and lesbian community, my comments were not directed towards them. I have no problem with the gay or lesbian community. I'm actually a supporter of many of their issues. And the last thing that I would want anybody to think about me or think is cool is to go out and attack somebody because of their sexual orientation.

"That was not my intention, that's not the way I said it, and I apologize for anybody that I've offended or hurt."

According to the radio host Carmichael Dave, who spoke to White, the UFC president will no longer release any more video blogs. The video apology could stand as White's final video blog. White will also "greatly reduce his public role."