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UFC Pulls Video of Dana White Trashing Loretta Hunt

Dana WhiteOn Wednesday, the Ultimate Fighting Championship posted a video on its official YouTube channel showing UFC President Dana White going off on a profane tirade about Loretta Hunt, a writer for Now that video has been removed.

When we posted the video at FanHouse, we warned that it was for adult audiences only, and we noted that while profanity is the norm for White, he went way overboard.

Perhaps White thought about it and decided that he thought he went way overboard, too, because now there's no trace of the video at the UFC YouTube channel, and when you try to play it on sites that embedded it, you get a message saying, "This video has been removed by the user."

Or perhaps someone else convinced White that he went overboard. and have pointed out that even if White himself sees nothing wrong with the language he used in the video (including a homophobic slur), some of the UFC's corporate sponsors might have a problem with it.

In any event, White's comments crossed the line. The UFC made the right call by removing the video.

UPDATE: White has apologized.

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