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Possible Rematch of Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto vs Masato in July?

A popular K-1 MAX fighter Masato announced Wednesday to retire in the end of this year. He fights in Tokyo on July 13, and the Dynamite 2009 will be the last fight. Masato requests to fight this year's K-1 Max champion on NYE. As for his opponents in July, K-1 event producer Sadaharu Tanikawa said, "I'm going to choose his opponent based on fans' requests. Norifummi "KID" Yamamoto fought Masato at Dynamite in 2004. "If KID wants a rematch with Masato even during the featherweight GP, that's fine with me," said Tanikawa. Tatsuya Kawajiri has been showing his interest fighting Masato in his interviews with MMA magazines.

Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto commented about Masato in his blog on April 2. "I heard Masato decided to retire in the end of this year. K-1 Max couldn't be popular without him. I'm sure he has fought under huge pressure for years. I respect him and his decision."