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UFC Fight Night Video Blog: Dana White Goes Off on Sherdog Story

Wow. If you don't want to hear a profane tirade from UFC President Dana White, don't watch it below.

WARNING: The video contains explicit and vulgar language suited for adult audiences only

UPDATE: The UFC has taken the video down

UPDATE 2: White has apologized.

What has White so riled up is this article by Loretta Hunt at, which quotes anonymous sources criticizing the UFC for not allowing some fighters' managers and agents to go backstage with their fighters before and after fights.

Replies White in the video, "I just heard that there was another absolutely f**king retarded story written by Loretta Hunt. Loretta, you f**king moron, it has always been the policy at the UFC that the fighters get so many credentials and they can credential whoever the f**k they want."

Profanity is par for the course from White, but in this video he goes way overboard by using a homophobic slur in discussing Hunt's anonymous sources. White goes on to rip Hunt for comments she made about the UFC in a documentary about Matt Lindland, and to question why the anonymous sources in Hunt's article weren't willing to put their names behind their comments.

A lot of people think White is a guy who can't control his temper, but I don't think that's true. I think when the UFC posts a YouTube like this, it's a calculated attempt by White to show his critics that he won't back down, and to promote the UFC. In this case, I'm sure it will work -- to the tune of hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

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