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UFC Fight Night 18 Live Play-By-Play Results

The final WEC welterweight champion Carlos Condit makes his UFC debut at UFC Fight Night 18 at the Sommet Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Click here for results from the prelims.

Fight #1 - Cole Miller (156) vs. Junie Browning (156)

R1:They touch gloves. Miller throws a jab that's blocked. He throws another that's blocked and Browning misses a counter. Miller clinches and goes for a knee. Browning avoids it and drops down for a double leg. Browning ends up going for Miller's back and they go to the floor. Browning momentarily turns into Miller's half guard and they both stand up. Miller lands a right hand and goes for the Muay Thai clinch. Miller attempts the guillotine and pulls guard. Browning taps out. Miller gets up and yells, "Who's overrated now?" at Browning.

Miller wins via submission - R1 (1:58)

Miller dedicates the fight to Mask, the co-founder of TapouT. Miller says he would like to face the winner of the Spencer Fisher vs. Caol Uno fight at UFC 99.

The UFC plays a special segment on the Mask. The other two TapouT members Punkass and SkyScrape are in attendance and have an empty seat between them.

Fight #2 - Tyson Griffin (156) vs. Rafael Dos Anjos (156)

R1: Griffin lands an inside leg kick, and another. Griffin throws a punch combo. Dos Anjos moves forward and Griffin connects with a right. Griffin counters again with a right. Griffin lands another inside leg kick and throws a high leg kick. Griffin is doing a good job countering Dos Anjos. More leg kicks from Griffin. Griffin ducks under a punch combo. Griffin lands a right that stumbles Dos Anjos. Griffin goes in and takes his opponent down. Griffin goes straight to work to pass but Dos Anjos is positioning for a leglock or a sweep. Dos Anjos gets Griffin's left leg stretched badly. Dos Anjos ends up standing and Griffin is up. Griffin's left leg has not recovered from the compression hold. They box. Griffin goes for a takedown but time expires. scores the round 10-9 for Griffin.

R2: Dos Anjos drops Griffin with a punch and Griffin bounces back up. Griffin lands an inside leg kick. Griffin lands a right. Griffin lands an uppercut and a straight right. Dos Anjos lands a kick to the body. Griffin exchanges and lowers for the takedown. Dos Anjos escapes it by attempting a kimura. Griffin lands punches to the body but misses a big right. Griffin remains very active with his punching. Griffin lands an overhand right that again pushes Dos Anjos back. Griffin follows up and they end in clinch. Griffin cleanly lands a right. scores round two 10-9 for Griffin.

R3: Griffin with another right and Dos Anjos backs to the cage. They trade. They work punches to the body. Griffin lands a leg kick. Griffin catches a kick and throws a right. Griffin with more inside leg kicks. Dos Anjos misses on the flying knee. Griffin lands a right after a combo. Dos Anjos connects on a right but Griffin expresses that he's not fazed. Dos Anjos' kick to the body is blocked. They exchange. Griffin drops for a single leg, but Dos Anjos defends with a kimura, bringing the fight to the floor. Griffin escapes the kimura with 11 seconds left and closes the round with ground and pound punches. scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 in favor of Griffin. Griffin was simply the better boxer.

The judges score the fight 30-27 for Griffin. Griffin has the undesirable record of seven straight decisions, but don't let that fool you, he put in another great effort.

Griffin wins via unanimous decision

Fight #3 - Ryan Bader (206) vs. Carmelo Marrero (205)

R1: They feel each other out... until Bader gets the takedown. Bader advances to side by working on Marrero's arm. Marrero gets up and is back on his back, this time in guard. Bader advances to side and explodes with the armbar attempt. Marrero escapes. Marerro works in Bader's guard. They get up and Bader takes Marrero right down. Marrero walks the cage and escapes from Bader's side control. Bader shoots in for the single and finishes with the double. Marrero does a good job of not allowing Bader to land punches. scores the round 10-9 for Bader.

R2: Marrero lands a right and Bader lands a leg kick. Marrero connects on jabs. Bader stops a takedown attempt and puts Marrero on his knees. Bader goes around and pushes Marrero to his back. Bader lands punches as he looks for a choke. Bader works from Marrero's half guard. Bader takes full mount with 51 seconds left. Marrero kicks Bader off. Bader in Marrero's closed guard. scores the round 10-9 for Bader.

R3: Marrero throws high kicks. Bader takes Marrero down a minute into the round. Bader goes for the arm-triangle choke from Marrero's half guard Bader passes to side and then full mount. Marrero gives up his back. Marrero gets Bader back into closed guard. The referee stands them up and they are restarted with 1:42 left in the fight. Marrero stuffs a takedown attempt. Bader lands an elbow after a tie-up. Bader shoots and both fighters are on their knees. Marrero closes guard. scores the round 10-9 and the fight 30-27 for Bader.

The judges agree.

Bader wins via unanimous decision

Fight #4 - Carlos Condit (170.5) vs. Martin Kampmann (170)

R1: After the first half-minute of figuring each other out, Condit lands a punch to the body and they clinch. Kampmann takes Condit down into side. Kampmann has a deep guillotine choke. Condit passes to side. Kampmann creates space with his legs and stands up. Condit takes Kampmann down into half guard. Kampmann escapes into Condit's guard. Kampmann sits back for a heel hook. Condit escapes. Condit knees Kampmann as Kampmann gets up. Kampmann is bleeding from under his left eye. Kampmann has a guillotine to end the round. scores the round 10-9 for Condit.

R2: They clinch. Kampmann gets the takedown. Kampmann stands up and drops a left. Condit kicks Kampmann off. Condit lands an elbow but eats a right. Condit lands a flying knee to the body. Condit with punches, a high kick and a front kick. Condit scores the takedown. Condit lands an elbow. Kampmann connects on uppercuts. Kampmann pulls Condit down with a guillotine. Condit pulls his head out and goes for Kampmann's back. Kampmann escapes into Condit's guard. scores the round 10-9 for Condit.

R3: Accidental eye poke to Kampmann's right eye. Doctor gives Kampmann the okay to continue. Kampmann with knees as they clinch. Kampmann takes Condit down. Kampmann unloads a big right from standing. Condit gets up to his feet. Kampmann pulls Condit down. Condit is in guard. Kampmann continues to work ground and pound punches as Condit looks for a kimura. Kampmann lands more punches. Condit goes for a heel hook and Kampmann stands up. Kampmann catches a kick and brings the fight back to the floor. Kampmann is in Condit's half guard. Condit stands up and drops down with a guillotine. Bell sounds and the fighters show each other respect. scores the round 10-9 for Kampmann and the fight 29-28 for Condit. Very close though, and could easily go to Kampmann.

The judges score the fight 29-28 for Kampmann, 29-28 for Condit and 29-28 for Kampmann.

Kampmann wins via split decision

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for the season premiere of "The Ultimate Fighter 9: US vs. UK" on Spike TV.