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MMA Fastball: The British are coming

The British are coming: It's not that The Ultimate Fighter reality television show has gotten boring. It's still better than most of the stuff that's on. It's just that the magic of TUF 1 has lost some of its luster, which is why the idea to put up and coming British fighters against Americans in the next installment of the show is an interesting premise. Will the fighters be even more team oriented because of this? Probably. And that could very well make for some very interesting run ins during TUF 9. Looking forward to it.

Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping as TUF 9 coaches: These two have interesting personalities, which may make the upcoming interplay between the man they call "Hollywood" and Bisping quite entertaining. However, the actual fight itself will be even more noteworthy. The bottom line is that a win would do a ton for Bisping's standing and reputation. A Henderson loss would really hurt him.

Speaking of TUF 9, how about Clay Guida vs. Diego Sanchez at the TUF 9 Finale?: Sanchez has a non- stop motor. So does Guida. Can you imagine a more fast paced fight than this upcoming tussle? In the end, Sanchez's submission skills could be the difference. But never count out Clay Guida; the man never partakes in a bad fight.

Affliction vs. the UFC: Word is that there's the possibility that Affliction's next show could come up against UFC 100 in July. In sum, that would be a very poor decision on the part of Affliction. Sure, Fedor Emelianenko vs. Josh Barnett would garner some PPV purchases (if that fight even goes down). But that would only be amongst hardcore fans, who, quite frankly, might end up purchasing both shows. On the other hand, the UFC going off at the same time would almost guarantee that no new fans would tune in to Affliction, and that's a mistake for an organization that needs to grow its viewership.

Chuck Liddell's last UFC fight?: Dana White has indicated that Liddell may need to "dazzle" him in order to continue to fight in the UFC when he takes on Mauricio "Shogun" Rua at UFC 97. You can certainly see where he's coming from, as the "Iceman" has not been looking good lately, dropping three of his last four fights. That said, I still watch eagerly everytime Liddell enters The Octagon because you always know he's only one punch away from ending things. The UFC without Liddell almost seems like blasphemy, doesn't it?

Urijah Faber vs. Mike Brown 2: It appears that Faber will be taking on Brown at WEC 41 in April. Before losing to Brown, Faber could do no wrong. Recently, all Brown has been doing is dropping people like Mike Tyson. This should be a very good one.

Demian Maia vs. Anderson Silva: It's been said before. Still, it deserves repetition. Maia vs. Anderson Silva would be a fight that fans could get behind. If Silva handles Thalies Leites as many believe he will, the UFC shouldn't make fans wait too long before putting it together.

Wanderlei Silva needs a win: A win over Rich Franklin or at least a good performance would give "The Axe Murderer" a breath of life in the UFC middleweight division. A bad loss would leave everyone wondering if he still has a place at the top of the heap anywhere. Here's hoping that these two come together to put on a great fight.

Kenny Florian vs. BJ Penn will happen at UFC 101: This is going to be a much better fight than some are giving it credit for.

Strikeforce putting on a good show in April: Where can you find Josh Thomson vs. Gilbert Melendez 2 and Frank Shamrock vs. Nick Diaz 1? How about Strikeforce in April? Not to mention that Benji Radach and Scott Smith will be knocking the snot out of one another. Should be a fun night, as is always the case when Strikeforce puts on a show.