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Akihiro Gono could be headed to Sengoku or DREAM

Akihiro Gono could be returning to Japan with either DREAM or Sengoku.

Gono, as a guest commentator at Sengoku 7 on March 20, revealed that he was currently looking for a job with World Victory Road.

While the often joking Gono has not elaborated on his UFC contract, the Japanese promotions and fans are taking the rumor of his UFC release seriously.

"I don't know about Gono's contract with the UFC," a rep for World Victory Road said last Wednesday. "However, we always want him to fight in Sengoku."

The day after, Dream event producer Keiichi Sasahara said, "He is a very attractive fighter because he has unique individuality. I believe he can attract and bring more fans to DREAM. We have our first welterweight champion in July, and I want him to fight our champion for the welterweight belt."

Gono said on a recent blog that he would announce his next fight shortly.