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Miguel Torres Remembers His Only Loss, to Ryan Ackerman

Above: Video of the only MMA loss ever suffered by World Extreme Cagefighting bantamweight champion Miguel Torres, in a 2003 fight with Ryan Ackerman. The fight itself is worth watching, although I recommend watching it with the volume off because of some profane and offensive comments made by someone off camera.

Below: Torres tells me about that loss.

Michael David Smith: So how did Ryan Ackerman, a guy with a 12-8-1 record, beat you?
Miguel Torres: I was coming off ACL surgery. I hadn't fought in more than a year. I came in and fought him, thinking I was going to fight another guy at 132 pounds, but the weekend of the fight, he broke his hand, and they couldn't find anyone else to fight me, so they finally found Ryan Ackerman, who fought at 145. I walked in weighing 132. In the first round I had him in a guillotine and a triangle, but he got out, and when I got up my legs were gone. I felt like I was walking on ice. I went to my corner and I was like, "I have nothing left." I went out there and fought for two more rounds and tried to put him away with submissions and strikes, but I just couldn't do it and I lost a decision.

When you got your re-match with Ackerman two years later and beat him in the first round, how important was that to you?
It was huge. I wanted to fight him right away, but my trainer, Carlson Gracie, convinced me to put it out of my mind, that it was because I wasn't healthy, not because he was better. So I fought five or six other guys and then we decided to do it again, and the venue sold out, it was a packed house and beating him was big for me. That fight put me back on track.

Coming this week: More interviews with Torres and full coverage of WEC 40.