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Anderson Silva Hopes to Box Roy Jones, Talks About Fedor Emelianenko

Could the two best pound-for-pound fighters in MMA ever face each other? Anderson Silva says he's open to the idea of fighting Fedor Emelianenko one day -- but he'd be more interested in a boxing match with Roy Jones.

In an interview with Sherdog, Silva said his focus right now is all on UFC 97, when he'll defend his middleweight belt against Thales Leites, but he also talked about the possibility that he'll some day face Fedor or Jones.

Asked to name the three best pound-for-pound fighters in MMA, Silva named BJ Penn, Fedor and Georges St Pierre, adding, "I believe those three are proving they are the best in their weight classes."

Silva acknowledged the speculation that if St. Pierre beats Thiago Alves at UFC 100, St. Pierre could then move up to middleweight to challenge Silva.

"If GSP wins, there's a possibility we fight, but I'm focused on Thales and my title," Silva said. "This fight could happen in the future. ... Every time GSP fights, he improves."

Silva was then asked about the possibility that he'd fight Fedor.

"That would be a tough fight, a big dogfight," Silva said. "Of course, even going up one class, my weight wouldn't be perfect to fight him, but you never know if promoters will want to make it happen in the future. ... I have my feet on the ground. I believe Fedor has to be respected. I'd be cocky if I said that I would like to face him and that the fight could happen. I believe the two guys who have more credentials to fight and beat Fedor are Minotauro (Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira) and Randy Couture. I'm not planning to fight in the heayvweight division. Maybe in the future I can make a boxing match happen, not against Fedor but against Roy Jones Jr. Actually, I'm waiting for that fight."

Silva proceeded to explain that he hopes to fulfill the four remaining fights on his UFC contract, and after that, put on the boxing gloves against Jones. As much as MMA fans want to see Silva remain in the Octagon for a long time, it's clear that what really intrigues Silva is trying his hands at boxing.