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Makoto Takimoto vs Michael Costa added to Sengoku.8

World Victory Road(WVR) had a press conference at J-rock workout studio in Tokyo today. WVR PR Takahiro Kuniyasu announced a fight of Makoto Takimoto vs. Michael Costa at Sengoku.8. Takimoto who was considering to retire after being defeated by Evangelista Cyborg at Sengoku.1 and Frank Trigg at Sengoku. 4, decided to make a new start in the welterweight class.

Kuniyasu said, "As for the welterweight class, we have Nick Thompson, Mike Pyle, and Fabricio "Pitbull" Monteiro, and many fighters contact us to get an opportunity to fight in Sengoku. I am currently interested in Japanese fighters who fight in the UFC such as Ryo Chonan and Akihiro Gono." Aokihiro Gono said that he was currently looking for a job when he worked as a commentator at Sengoku.7. He is rumored that he was fired from the UFC. "I don't know about Gono's contract with the UFC; however, we always want him to fight in Sengoku," said Kuniyasu.

Sengoku.8 will be the total of 10 fights including an opening fight.

WVR "Sengoku.8"
Date: May 2, 2009
Place: Yoyogi National Gymnasium, Tokyo

Non-Tournament Bouts:
- Kazunori Yokota vs. Leonardo Santos
- "Xande" Ribeiro vs. Kei Yamamiya
- Makoto Takimoto vs. Michael Costa

Featherweight GP 2nd Round:
- Hatsu Hioki
- Michihiro Omigawa
- Masanori Kanehara
- Marlon Sandro
- Ronnie Ushiwaka
- Nick Denis
- Jung Chan Sung
- Nam Phan